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There are many hotels in Akola City, Some of the top hotel in akola which gives best services are as follows. 馃彣

Top Hotel

鈥� Hotel Venus International

Hotel Venus International

Another best hotel in the city is Hotel Venus International. It is situated near Bus stand and is only 2 kilometre away from Tower Clock 🗼and only 4 kilometre away from Railway Station. Best for outside visitors.

鈥� Hotel Tushar

In the list of top hotel on akola ,Hotel Tushar rank in the list . It is situated near Miraj Cinema and is most popular hotel in the city.

鈥� RS Hotel

RS Hotel is the most Famous Hotel in akola . Most of the business Meeting are held in this hotel as well as married and parties are held here. It is the best hotel in akola.

鈥� Ranjeet Hotel

Hotel Ranjeet is one of the top hotel of Akola, and is one of the most favorite hotel of majority people who has stayed in Ranjeet Hotel and received Services. This hotel is best for all kind of function as well as party. One of the Best advantage of this hotel is that it gives free 4G wifi services to it’s Customer 24/7 . It has a better and large parking area with a watchman supervising it as well as CCTV Camera Supervision on it.

It is only 2 Kilometre Away from the tower clock🗼 And Near Bus stand.

鈥� Hotel Vaibhav

Vaibhav Hotel is counted amongst top Hotel in Akola. It provides various service. It is situated in the middle of Alola city.

鈥� Hotel Jasnagra

鈥� Hotel Welcome Inn

鈥� Hotel City Pride

鈥otel Shagun

鈥� Hotel Greenland Cottages

鈥� Hotel Regency

鈥� Hotel Rising Sun

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