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World’s Top 20 Instagram Followed Account

There are around 1bn weekly active users on Instagram , It is a very massive platform and is hugely popular all over the world. With the rise of influencers , people can Even make a Living on Instagram.

20. Virat Kolhi with(134 Millions Followers)

Virat Kolhi

19. Miley Cyrus (137 Million)

A child star which has turned into a pop star

A pop star 猸�

18.Nicki Minaj [145 Million]

One of the world top musician

Top musician Nicki Minaj

17.Neymar Jr [153 Million]

One of the best football player in the world

Football Player Mr. Jr


One of the Best Brand


Nike Instagram

15.Khloe Kardashian[163 Million Follower]

One of the top model as well as a business women

Top model

14. Jennifer Lopez (164 Millions Followers)

One of the top musician and actor

Top model

13. Taylor Swift (167 Millions Followers)

One of the influencial person on twitter and Instagram

Top singer Taylor Swift

12.National Geographic (171 Millions Followers)

Experience the world of thought the eye of National Geographic Photographer

The nature Magazine

11.Kendall Jenner (174 Million Followers)

Another best model

Top model

10. Justin Bieber (182 Millions Followers)

Justin is one of the world biggest pop star and a singer

A pop star 猸�

09. Beyonce (190 Millions Followers)

Another Top Model

Top Insta Queen

08.Lionel Messi (230 Millions Followers)

One of the best Soccer Player in World

Top Soccer Player

07. Kim Kardashian ( 235 Million Followers)

One of the most famous and most prettiest girl model

Top model

06. Selena Gomez (244 Million Followers)

Most Famous Actor and Musician

Most pretty girl

05. Kylie Jenner ( 247 Million Followers)

One of the top model and too 5th Instagram Followers Account

Top Beautiful Model

04. Ariana Grande (251Million Followers)

Our Favorite Global Superstar Ariana Grande

Top favorite model

03.Dwayne Johnson The Rock (253 Million Followers)

The top greatest Whreastler as well as actor of the world

The Rock

02. Cristiano Ronaldo (313 Million Followers)

World Best Soccer Player 鈿�

Top Football Player 鈿�

01.Instagram (404 Million Followers)

Instagram itself is on the top of the list in most followers on Instagram


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